Friday, November 23, 2012

50% Off Web Hosting - Black Friday Deal

It's been days now since I'm waiting for a Black Friday sale by a web hosting company. So, I was so excited when I saw this email from Linky Blog. It says Black Friday Alert! 50% off Hosting Pricing for Life.

I immediately went to Arvixe Web Hosting and checked out the price. Also took some time to check out the forum to see what their customers are saying. Well, Brent Riggs recommends this service so it must be good.

I got the Personal Class account with unlimited space and bandwidth, can host up to 6 domains and 1 free domain registration for life for only $48 for 2 years. The regular price is $96 for 2 years or $4 per month. I used the coupon code Black Friday and got the 50% off.

I guess this is my Blog Anniversary (it's in 25 days) blowout for myself. So, in about a month, I'll be transferring this blog to Wordpress. I hope it would be super easy.

Are you thinking of buying a hosting for your blog or website? This is the perfect opportunity to get quality hosting at a very affordable price. The banner below says the 50% off sale is for one day only but at Arvixe, it says the coupon code is valid for 48 hours until Sunday.

Get your hosting now. Anyway, if you change your mind about buying, they are offering a 60 day money back guarantee.

Click here to go to Arvixe

Friday, November 2, 2012

Jomar Hilario Webinar - Blogging How-To

I know it's November 2. It's All Soul's Day and many people are having a long holiday vacation. Today, my boys went with their father, lolo and uncle and watched the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) game live - a first for them. While my three girls, their auntie, a friend and I went to SM mall. We ate, played at Tom's World, shopped a little and ate again. All of us had our break and had some fun.

Janel doesn't look like she's having fun. Well, all 3 girls rode the merry-go-round and she was the only one who sat  in the coach while the other 2 girls rode a bouncing horse. 

When we got home, around 10 pm. I took the time to watch the webinar by Filipino Internet Marketing guru, Jomar Hilario. I'm actually a student of his mentoring club though I've not moved much onward with the program. I have a lot of catching up. I hope by watching this I can make more progress.

The webinar is free and I've embedded the video below where Jomar teaches how to make a blog. He also talks a little about how to make a Facebook page and how to weave Pinterest into blogging. I've had some new insights as I watched. I hope you can learn something, too.

Update: Sorry but the video is no longer available so I just removed the video.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Till We Meet Again Mom and I Love You

My Mom
I have mentioned in my post Going Through Tough Times that my mom suffered from a series of complicated health problems. She had a second cardiac arrest and finally gave her final breath last Saturday, October 20. I know this is a sad time because a loved one, my MOM, is leaving us behind.

There are times that I cry when I think about it. But I can't deny the fact that I'm joyful at the same time. Why? Well, I sincerely prayed to God before that cardiac arrest that my mom won't suffer any more. I know she's suffering because she's been calling me and telling me to pray for her that she could go to sleep (she can't sleep in the last few days and she's not REALLY feeling well).

I didn't really know that God would answer this way but I believe that He knows what's best. I believe He answered my prayer. Now, my mom isn't suffering anymore. As I told Angel when her lola (grandma) died and that she's already in heaven, she said "Wala na siyang sakit? (She's no longer sick?)" I answered Yes (with great relief) that she's no longer sick.

Now, what makes me so sure that she's in heaven? Well, God's word says so. John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son Jesus, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life." My mom not only believed in Jesus but she also served Him with all her heart. Sometimes, other people don't understand her over zealousness in serving God. Maybe others have even mistaken it for foolishness, but I know that it's mommy's way of really showing her love and devotion to God who saved her and loved for who she is. Most of all, that's where mommy found her real joy and purpose in life.

"For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain." Apostle Paul quoted this verse and it's so true of my mom as well. She lived her life for Christ as she loved to share the gospel to all people from all walks of life. Even when her health is failing, she still sought to find ways in serving Him. The people to whom she ministered can bear witness to this. I just pray that they will continue their faith and the work that my mother has now passed on to them.

Now that she's in heaven, it's a great gain. She's now enjoying everlasting life and peace with Jesus. She had run her race and she had fought the good fight of faith. I will always remember her testimony as I also live my life as a Christian. She's the one whom God used to introduce me to this life-giving faith that I have right now. Thank you so much mommy and I love you very much! It's not yet really a goodbye. I'll see you someday again in heaven.


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